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***For a Limited Time Only - Get access to The Energy Factor***

Get access to The Energy Factor

The Energy Factor Experience is taken from 3+ years of research, studying, self experimentation, bio-hacking, and implementation—where I learned how to increase my energy. And this was when I started seeing the change and results I longed to see.  
  • Video Masterclass : 12 Jam-Packed Video Lessons. From 10-20 minutes in length, these cut to the chase for the content you need. (Value: $995)
  • Life-time access to Energy Factor content vault (Value: $1000s)
  • ​Personal Energy Audit (Value: $500)
  • 1 Month Supply of Peak Energy Nutrition Energy Stack Supplements (Value $149.97)
  • ​Bonus: Energy Planning Worksheets - Daily help to apply what you’re learning. (Value: $195)
  • Bonus eBook: Bio-Hacks, Supplements, and Gear Master List. An easy place to start your journey of more energy! (Value: $245)
  • ​Bonus eBook: The Energy Factor Guide to Intermittent Fasting. (Value: $45)
  • ​Bonus eBook: How to set goals so you actually achieve them! (Value: $45)
  • ​Bonus discount at Peak Energy Nutrition (Value: Up to $500 off!)
  • ​Bonus Precision Nutrition Coaching opportunity for those that want to go much deeper, there is personalized fitness and nutrition coaching/planning available through my partnership and certification with Precision Nutrition (used by the San Antonio Spurs and Carolina Panthers to name a few). (50% off customized Nutrition and Fitness plan—Value: $1200)
  • ​Total Value : Over $5,220!



SIMPLE AS 1...2...3...

  • BOOST FOCUS In the morning
  • BOOST ENERGY In the afternoon
  • BOOST CREATIVITY When you are tired
  • BETTER SLEEP Each night
  • BETTER RECOVERY After long days
  • BETTER RESULTS The Next day

3 of our favoirte supplments togther for 1 amazing price!

Keto Energy

  • Provides an energy boost without the crash, 
  • Increased Focus
  • Boost Metabolism 
  • Provides long-lasting energy 



  • A natural thermogenic fat-burner. 
  • Helps elevate energy levels without the crash,
  • Increase fat burning and supports weight loss.
  • Raspberry Ketones have been shown to boost metabolism and in some animal studies, boosted the levels of adiponectin.
  • Polyphenols from green tea may improve digestion, brain function, blood sugar levels and weight management, and are packed with antioxidants. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia may increase levels of serotonin, which may improve mood and lower hunger. 




  • Provides mental focus for doing your best work. 
  • Enhance focus, memory and cognitive function.
  • Improve mood. 
  • Increase focus without jitters.


Natural sleep supplement to wake up recharged and refreshed. 
  • Non medicated, all natural formula to improve sleep
  • Fall asleep faster and sleep better
  • Supports memory and cognition 
  • Improve muscle recovery 
  • Improves mood and sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiety











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    You can't find the supplements and education anywhere else

    Posted by Dean P. on Aug 7th 2020

    For years I struggled with low energy and of course that 2pm feeling at work. Having 4 kids, my sleep is routinely compromised. The energy focus helps get me going in the morning and the Keto Energy helps prevent me from grabbing another coffee or snacks in the afternoon. I feel lighter throughout the balance of the day and I finish by taking the Restore at night. The Restore has helped me tremendously by allowing me to capture as much restful sleep as my kids allow and also allow my digestive system time to balance things out. I've struggled with digestive issues and I'm positive this, combined with the Energy Probiotic have been key to that transformation.

    The bio-hacks and daily habits taught in the Energy Factor course are priceless. You won't find someone will to provide you with the details and research, they just want to sell you pills. This course combined with my new supplement routine have helped me become a healthier version of myself.